Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, January 30, 2012

Family fish business

I think I mentioned before this that my family has a family business of selling pet fishes and I'd taken some pictures of the fishes that we are selling most right now. As the supplier, it is really challenging and important to breed new fishes for more marketability. Here are some of the Betta Fighting Fish that we have. The first two fishes are the new breed that we have

This one is called "Full Moon". Full Moon is because of the shape of its tail and fins which spread out nicely and shaped like a full moon.

I've made some advertisement for our new fishes at our home. I've not taken the picture yet of what sort of 'advertisement and promotions of our new fishes..

Here is the pictures I promised, and it shows the promotions or advertisement that I made for our family Betta fish business

Using some soft board, I've wrapped it with mahjong paper and then decorated the board with the pictures of the Betta fishes. This is a mini project I made for my dad's business ^_^

This is the completed 'advertisement' of the fishes. Yup.I wrote the chinese words despite I'm totally a NON CHINESE EDUCATED girl, but I'm not a full BANANA [I've upgraded my standard to partial banana by knowing how to speak and read simple chinese writings]

We place the pictures right above the fishes which turns out to be really attractive and I can tell you that, business has improved since the pictures were up! Amazing..

Hope in the Year of Dragon, my family business will rise and be better!


Lai Peng

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