Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, January 19, 2009

JPD Reunion Dinner!

PAP..aka JPD

Catherine and Me

3 nutri and 1 diet


Jeremy, William, Me, KarHau and KehLen

Crazy post..I'm the weird one

Well today was damn fun lo. JPD had the first reunion dinner together. At Pudu there. We went for porridge and tomyam steambot. Well it was ok to me. Nice. But I love most was the BBQ steambot. Tat was great. Em..we all ate joked and in the end took alot pictures lo. Then in the end we "Lou Shang" also. Em overall spent about 20 le but I feel worth it. Hehe. So enjoy. Haiz b4 we enjoy, Jeremy, Kar hau and I actuali were damn pissed. We all waited for a fren coz he left out at fac and then we felt weird coz so long also got no reply from him. In the end when I called him, he told me he was in the LRT di.Reaching Pudu somemore, and we, stuck at titiwangsa lo. So damn pissed then wen we reached Pudu, Jeremy picked up a call and I helped him carry his bag and in the end, we din manage to go down train and we travelled to the nxt station to get down and turned bck to Pudu. Haiz. Damn unlucky lo. But in the end we reached the restaurant also. Hehe.. and I truely enjoyed myself today. Yesterday was ok as well. PAP ran well and took pic le. Actuali yest not much feeling. Duno y. Haha! But I enjoyed so much today! Hope such outing will on again in future. JPD rulez!
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